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Thread: Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials during flight

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    Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials during flight

    Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials during flight
    thurs, March 19

    The Xinhua News Agency, the official government press agency of the Peoples Republic of China, recently reported on a UFO sighting made by a number of journalists, along with government officials and a plane load of passengers.
    The sighting took place on February 24 of this year on a Southern Airlines flight which was flying to Nanjing at around 6pm. A group of journalists were socialize during the flight when one of them noticed an unusual luminous object traveling along side the airplane. At this point the journalist alerted a number of security officials and the other journalists with whom he was traveling together with. The journalist managed to snap a few photos before the object shot off in a north easterly direction. The object was visible for around one minute.
    The witnesses were all stunned by what they saw and started debating whether it was a UFO. Some argued it might have been an airplane. A few minutes later another plane did appear on the horizon and all agreed it had little in common with the unexplainable object they saw and concluded they had witnessed a UFO.
    "Xinhua seems to be taking the UFO phenomena rather seriously lately, perhaps this is the lead up to some form of disclosure by the Chinese Government, who suspect I know a lot" noted one Chinese ufologist.
    Michael Cohen

    Source: allnewsweb

    All News Web - Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials on flight, photos
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials during flight-xin_30303060609247503044415-jpg  
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