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Thread: Strange objects on Asteriod 433 Eros

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    Strange objects on Asteriod 433 Eros

    Eros 433 is an Asteroid (NEA)that has a Mars crossed orbit and the spacecraft named "NEAR Shoemaker" is a probe that was sent to study this giant rock. the "NEAR" probe studied this Asteroid from a close orbit over a period of a year. over 160,000 pictures were taken during the mission. the spacecraft landed on Eros and is still there today as far as we know.

    A couple very strange anomalies have been found in the photographs. what can they be ? Alien Base ? or just rocks ?

    NEAR image of the day for 2000 May 3
    NEAR Eros Images
    NEAR Eros Images

    NEAR image of the day for 2001 Feb 06

    Square Craters
    remue-ménage cosmique

    NEAR Mission Profile

    NEAR Information
    Asteroid Eros - Page 1
    Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission
    ESA Portal - NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft to land on asteroid Eros
    NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Collection: Near-Shoemaker Views Eros

    File:WholeEros.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    433 Eros - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The NEAR Spacecraft landing site

    Last Photo taken before landing

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