Mystery N.L. object has tongues wagging

By Ken Meaney, Canwest News Service
January 27, 2010

A mystery object shaped like an "oversized bullet" that flew over their tiny community this week has people in Harbour Mille, N.L., wondering if they saw a missile launch.

"First thing I thought was: 'My God, it had to be a missile of some sort,' because it looked like an oversized bullet," said Emmy Pardy, who watched it through binoculars for five to eight minutes as it passed silently overhead at sunset Monday.

"It was grey-silver in colour (and) it seemed like it had a bit of flame coming through the bottom of it and it had a trail of smoke, or what appeared to be smoke," Pardy said.

"We knew it wasn't a plane and it definitely wasn't any kind of UFO thing," she said, laughing...

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