looks like ufo reports are increasing according to MUFON. they have recieved over 5000 reports last year. Texas and Pennsylvania reported the most from what i understand. makes me wonder if some of the increase might be because more people are looking up to the sky these day's ?

You may think that reports of strange craft flying around in our skies are rarities. However, according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), thousands of reports are made yearly, and reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in 2008 reached a record high, with over 5,000 reports. This number is more than double the reports made in 2007.

So why is their such a drastic increase? According to Robert Powell, MUFON’s Director of Research, “Last year’s record numbers were contributed in part by mass sighting reports in Erath County, Texas and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.” He goes on to emphasize that many of the witnesses making these reports are highly credible professionals, such as police officers, county constables, engineers and former air traffic control operators.

Some of the best evidence collected in 2008 was related to the Stephenville, Texas sightings. In that investigation, a comprehensive radar report confirmed an unknown object(s) in the area of Stephenville on the evening of Jan. 8, 2008, and supported claims made by eight witnesses. Powell, along with radar expert Glen Shultz, went through millions of radar hits, provided to them through a Freedom of Information Act request to the FAA, to discover this startling correlation. Although the Stephenville sightings became a large worldwide media event, Powell is shocked at the lack of attention the radar report has received.

Powell pointed out that this year also brought forth declassified materials in the case of UFO files by the governments of Denmark and the United Kingdom. He says, ”The United States remains as the only major nation whose government claims to ignore UFOs. One wonders what NORAD does when an unknown object shows up on their radar screens.”

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