Alan Ferguson took this photo of a fast moving object (circled), and a split second later it was gone.

UFOs circle Top End


March 31st, 2009

UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have returned to the Top End.

Alan Ferguson said the UFOs were "buzzing" around his Acacia Hills home earlier this month after he noticed a bright silver flickering object in front of a cloud. He immediately grabbed his camera.

"I fired off about 50 shots," he said. "One of them you can see a circle in the top left hand corner, then five or six shots later it's moved to the right."

Mr Ferguson put Acacia Hills on the international map last year when he first photographed UFOs flying around his home, 50km south of Darwin.

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UFOs circle Top End - Northern Territory News
He said they do not make a sound but can be seen shooting across the sky. "There's never any noise," he said. "They are as quiet as. They make no noise and scoot around, super fast."

He said the UFOs seemed to appear when it was hot.

"Those aliens - they must have some pretty good airconditioning in those things, hey," he said. But Mr Ferguson said the objects seemed to have disappeared again in the past few weeks as the cooler dry weather has set in.