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Thread: A Microchip in Napoleon's Skull.

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    Re: A Microchip in Napoleon's Skull.

    White Rabbit ( love your name) you said

    "In Napoleon's time, the microchip would have to put in there by someone with advance technology and I very much doubt we had it at the time."

    We have it now.... thats the point. And if someone has actually found some sort of microchip in his brain SOMEONE FROM NOW put it there. Stop just a few moments and consider what that actually means for our " History"

    And if someone from NOW had been able to interact with Napoleon.... what else have they done? How far back have they been able to go.... what has that meant for the development of humanity.

    And why.... is this the age.... that we are beginning to see what has happened?

    In my own experience I asked a special person about a triangle that he had drawn in the sand. I recongnized it as being a ship because my Dad had drawn that same figure to me when I was a kid and we used to talk about what made it "move".... I said to "Morgan"....." WHERE IS IT?" and he just smiled at me and then very seriously responded " It hasn't been built yet."

    Linda Brown
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    Microchip in Napoleon's Skull (HOAX)

    Microchip in Napoleon's Skull (HOAX)?


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