UFO filmed by Yorkshire above DEVOTED sky watcher
Monday, May 4, 2009

Paul Sinclair of Yorkshire in the UK has been fascinated by UFOs for as long as he can remember but only really got involved in ufology after his first sighting. 'It involved me and a work colleague. It was at a place called Sledmere on the East Yorkshire Wolds (hill country). It was a bright sunny day and the UFO was just hovering above some trees. What we saw was a huge size structured or object hovering above a field. "Ever since then Paul has regularly been gazing at the skies. 'I am the guy who sits in the darkness Observing hour in hour out. I am looking for real proof. "

YouTube - ufo spotted and filmed over the wolds in uk 1st may 2009

Obviously Paul was excited when he managed to film the footage below on May 1 2009, which he believes may well be an extra terrestrial space ship, but Paul insists his search for an alien presence in East Yorkshire is far from over.

'The Wolds UFO phenomenon is real and the dedication needed to sit on the remote Wolds during winter in freezing cold conditions is no less a task than that of a wildlife film maker. "

'I do not know of anyone else doing this in the UK, I'm not talking a once in a blue moon organized sky watch. " another UK-based UFO hunter noted.

'I have built up a good relationship with the local farmers in the area "Paul continued" You would think that due to the nature of our subject that I would get a few raised brows. The plain fact is that most of them have seen the UFOs. One even told me about following what he called an actual space ship as it silently glided across the tops of trees on his land. His wife, daughter and her then boyfriend also saw it. He told me that the next day he sat and wrote a full account of the sighting as he never wanted it to change in his mind over the years. "

Paul is hardly the first person to suspect that a UFO gateway to earth might exist in the Yorkshire area and UFO activity in Yorkshire is well documented and very extensive.

Many in the UFO community will admire Paul Sinclair's dogged resilience and devotion to this important topic. Undoubtedly when disclosure on the alien issue does come about it may well be thanks to the efforts of people like Mr. Sinclair.

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Source: allnewsweb