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Thread: UFO talk in the movie Easy Rider (1979)

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    UFO talk in the movie Easy Rider (1979)

    This movies was 30 years ago..

    Jack Nicholson talks about UFO's and our antiquated system.


    Do this instead.

    No, thanks. l got some store-bought here of my own.

    No, man. This is grass.

    You mean, marijuana?

    Lord have mercy! ls that what that is?

    Let me see that.

    Go ahead. Light it up.

    Oh, no, no, no...

    ...l couldn't do that. l've got enough problems...

    ...with the booze and all. l can't afford to get hooked.

    You won't get hooked.

    Well, l know. But it leads to harder stuff.

    You say it's all right?

    Well, all right then. How do l do it?


    That's got a real nice taste to it.

    Though l don't suppose it'll do me much good.

    l'm so used to the booze.

    You've got to hold it in your lungs longer.


    ...was that, man? What the hell was that?

    l don't know, man. l was watching this object...

    ...like the satellite we saw.

    And it went right across the sky. And then....

    l mean, it just suddenly....

    lt just changed direction and went whizzing off. lt flashed and--

    You're stoned out of your mind.

    Oh, yeah. l'm stoned, man. But, like, l saw a satellite.

    And it was going across the sky, and it flashed three times at me...

    ...and zigzagged and whizzed off.

    And l saw it.

    That was a UFO beaming back at you.

    Me and Eric Heisman was down in Mexico two weeks ago.

    We seen of them flying in formation.

    They've got bases all over the world now.

    They've been coming here ever since...

    ...when scientists started bouncing radar beams off the moon.

    And they've been living and working among us ever since.

    The government knows all about them.

    What are you talking, man?

    You just seen one of them, didn't you?

    l saw something, but l didn't see it working here.

    Well, they are people, just like us...

    ...from within our own solar system.

    Except that their society is more highly evolved.

    They don't have no wars. They got no monetary system.

    They don't have any leaders, because each man is a leader.

    Because of their technology...

    ...they're able to feed, clothe, house and transport themselves...

    ...equally and with no effort.

    You know something? You want to know what l think?

    l think this is a crackpot idea. That's what l think.

    How about that?

    Think it's a crackpot idea.

    lf they're so smart, why don't they reveal themselves...

    ...and get it over with?

    Why don't they reveal themselves is because if they did...

    ...it'd cause a general panic.

    Now, we still have leaders...

    ...upon whom we rely to release this information.

    These leaders have decided to repress this information...

    ...because of the shock...

    ...that it would cause to our antiquated systems.

    Now, the result of this has been that the Venusians...

    ...have contacted people at all walks of life...

    ...all walks of life....

    lt would be a devastating blow to our antiquated systems.

    Now Venusians are meeting with people in all walks of life...

    ...in an advisory capacity.

    For once, man will have a godlike control...

    ...over his own destiny. He'll have a chance to transcend...

    ...and to evolve with some equality for all.

    How's your joint, George?

    l believe it went out.

    l got to talking so much, l clean forgot about....

    lt went out.

    Save it and we'll do it tomorrow morning.

    lt gives you a new way of looking at the day.

    Well, l sure could use that.

    l sure could use a little of that.
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    Re: UFO talk in the movie Easy Rider (1979)

    That's awsome !!

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