Colorado - 06-13-09 - In the wee hours of Saturday morning, my friend and I were in my back yard observing some people coming from a party on my street. We were facing north, away from the house, standing in the yard watching two people, when a vertical line of bright lights caught our attention.

At this point it was 1:05 AM. We both stood up as high as we could to try to decipher what we were looking at. A large tree obstructed our view somewhat at first, until the object rose to a height that was no longer blocked by the tree. At first glance, it appeared that it was multiple bright orbs, but we soon realized that it was one bright orb that was dropping something else that was very bright as well.

It became apparent that the object was slowly rising from the tree line. The orb or sphere was a bright, white light, and at times appeared a red color. As it slowly rose in elevation, things were either being dropped from the object or falling from it. The substance that was falling from the orb was just as bright as the object itself, but smaller in size.

It looked like a liquid-like substance falling at free fall speed towards the ground. We never saw anything touch the ground, the things falling lost their bright light before reaching the ground or trees below it. I questioned running inside to get a camera but decided not to leave. The falling substance/objects appeared bright white and sometimes red as well.

The object slowly rose for about 2 or 3 minutes, then at 1:08 it stopped rising and hovered in one spot. At this point, the object had not moved in a horizontal motion at all, only moving up. The object hovered and the unknown substance was still falling from it. It hovered in one spot for about two minutes.

After the object expelled all of the substance, it seemed smaller, and red in color. Truly, this was a one-of-a-kind experience. source: Mutual UFO Network - MUFON - Dedicated to Scientific Study of UFOs

Indiana - 06-14-09 - This was a eventful evening for my family here in Indiana. My neighbor's friend and I were sitting on our porch talking about the events of the evening. I looked up and to my left and saw what looked like something coming towards us from the east, moving slowly with a brown/red glow.

There was no noise coming from it, just silence. I turned to my friend and said, "Look, do you see that, tell me if you do or not?"

She said, "What the heck is that?"

By that time it was directly to our left, low enough that we could see it was a triangle, and had a brown/red tint to it as if illuminated for night. It was the type of illumination at night when a tent has a night light on it and your are outside looking at it. Very soft lighting.

I sent my friend inside to get my son and his friend. By the time they came out to look at it, it was further to the west, but he also saw it, but not as close as we did.

Actually, it was very beautiful, just like it was floating by us on a Saturday night. source: Mutual UFO Network - MUFON - Dedicated to Scientific Study of UFOs

Texas - 06-13-09 - I had just left work, and was in the parking lot, looking up into the sky. I saw plane or jet (had normal flashing lights and a few extra flashing white lights in the position as to where the wings would be) was following a bright red/orange spot or light that was staying solid in color.

The plane kept a constant distance, the red/orange light would turn rather sharply and the plane would follow, but turning at a more gradual rate. I watched this go on for a couple of minutes as the red/orange light would continue to zig-zag and the plane or jet would follow.

At one point the plane appeared to get close to the red/orange light, and the light quickly increased the distance between them. I watched until I could not see the two any longer, as they disappeared going northwest from southeast.

There was not any sound to be heard, which I am sure was due to the high altitude. Also at arm's length, the two appeared about 2 inches apart. I just thought this was unusual. I have seen many aircraft in the sky but have never witnessed anything like this. source: Mutual UFO Network - MUFON - Dedicated to Scientific Study of UFOs

Wisconsin - 06-13-09 - Tonight I was out watching the stars again and photographing any thing that might show up. My flash on the camera, which is quite useless in most respects for night time photography, has indeed caught several abnormal and fluke objects in the past. Who knows what they where, bursts of light, fire flies, etc.

I had taken a series of photos into the same constellation of Corona Borealis outside of Vega, and within 5 minutes I heard a thunderous pulsating noise unlike anything I had ever heard before.

I have been in flight school and do fly, so I know all types sounds of aircraft. I heard coming from the north an immensely loud, pulsating noise, and above the tree tops saw an object with red, green, and blue blinding lights. It rotated just above me, and I tried to take photos the entire time but none would show what I saw.

It was beautiful and spectacular. It was very big and larger than a normal aircraft. It was not anything I have ever known in pilot school, and did not obey our flight pattern above our airspace. It was a free moving object and very powerful.

I don't know what I saw, but it was magnificent, and I felt they really knew I was watching. What I saw was so powerful and unique. I would never dispute it as being nothing less than abnormal from what we know.