Was a Boomerang-Shaped Flying Object a UFO?

There have been two very compelling accounts of UFOs from Germany that have come to my attention. I believe they are worthy of being published.

Our first sighting report comes from a man who claims to have had other sightings of unknown objects in the skies, but he felt that with additional information, they could possibly be explained as earthly objects. But, not so with what he saw in May, 2007. His sighting occurred between 01:00 AM and 01:50 AM.

Our witness, and a friend of his, were outside enjoying the night, when they spotted a boomerang-shaped flying object. This object was clearly seen moving low over the yard. At first, the object appeared to be like a cloud moving in the sky, it was semi-transparent. As it moved closer, small lights could be seen, and the boomerang shape could be discerned.

The object was of a silver color, and was made of a material that was highly reflective. As they watched the unknown craft, it quickly "re-cloaked" itself for a moment, right before their eyes. As they watched in awe, it immediately turned back into a boomerang-shaped craft.

There were no clouds in the sky, and they could see the object clearly. Soon, the craft was near the Big Dipper. Not far from their house, there was church tower, and they could compare the height of the object to it. This comparison would give the craft's height at about 75 feet.

The unusual craft had an orange glow at its front, and a dome at the rear, along with the lights at the bottom. The witnesses estimated the size of the object at about 80 feet wide. The entire sighting lasted about 2 1/2 minutes.

Our second report comes from Limburg, and occurred in August, 2008. The witness, a man, was sitting outside on his terrace along with his brother and sister-in-law. They had come for a visit from Denmark. It was about 10.00 PM, with a dense cloud ceiling when the sighting occurred.

The witness noticed an orange light approaching from the west. It was very bright, having the brilliance of landing lights on a passenger plane, but had no position lights, and the brightness made it impossible to discern a shape. It was moving slowly, and was below the clouds as it made its way across the sky. After twenty seconds or so, the object was obscured by the roof of the house.

The man's brother and sister-in-law were alerted to the presence of the object, and all three clearly saw it before it disappeared beyond the roof. The three witnesses were discussing the fact that no noise came from the object, when an identical second object appeared. Only 30 seconds had passed since the first object had passed over the house.

The house was located some 50 miles from the Frankfurt Airport, and it was very common to see high flying commercial aircraft, as well as low flying private aircraft. All of these planes could easily be heard as they passed over, but not the two objects they had just seen.

The three witnesses moved to the garden in an attempt to get a better view of the second object. They could see it flying in a straight line, heading from west to east. After it moved to a couple of miles distance, it began to climb towards the clouds above, and quickly disappeared from their view.

The man who reported this sighting has worked in the airplane industry for over 30 years, and is knowledgeable of almost anything that flies in the skies, but the two objects he saw on this night have him still searching for an explanation.