UFO / light ships footage tasks Mitcham UK on 5th August 2009

UFO/lightships footage taken Mitcham UK on 5th August 2009 - the voices you can hear were me, Gary and my 13 year old Autistic daughter, who has seen UFOs on many occasions. shes also an indigo/crystal child. She appears to have a telepathic communication with the visitors one particular statement shes says in the video "they cant come down yet", this was extremely profound since it was coming from the mouth of a child. It is also mirrors the teachings of many who tell us that each person has to decide what they want to believe in. They are unable to land because it will effect free will/free choice. People would have no choice but to believe if it was proven beyond a doubt, and that will undermine and take away our choice whether we want to believe that they are in fact our ancestors. They are us/ our relatives they seeded us on this planet. Life is all about choice, choices of what we wish to believe in. Those choices will determine our reality. I am beginning to understand more and more that we really do create our reality. All the confusion that bombards us in this third dimensional existence is to keep us busy, when is the last time you stopped and thought about a blade of grass or how wonderful rain drops feel on your skin, appreciated the simple and wonderful things in life. This deliberate push to keep us running on the treadmill of "life" is designed to keep you from having a moment to ponder and think about who you really are and connecting to the spirituality that exists in all of us. I think this wonderful full moon was a moment when many people looked outside and felt in awe of the beauty of nature and creation, and perhaps looked beyond this world and this illusion we call "life". This video isnt about trying to prove to anyone that UFOs exist. I am simply sharing a wonderful moment that I was priviledged to witness.

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