UFO was U.S. spy plane

By: Editor on August 17, 2009 From: Recently, Technology. Comments on this article can be followed via RSS 2.0.

Mass sightings of UFO's over England are probably secret U.S. aircraft. It appears from documents that were released last summer.

The eyewitnesses on March 31, 1993 the police and the British Ministry of Defense calls, all say the same. They have an elongated object seen flying at high speed without making much noise. Only a soft humming, the presumption that a motor provides the drive. Furthermore, almost all witnesses, including policemen and soldiers a red light on the rear view.

The UFO Desk of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is to research. The main UFO research, the reports so remarkable that he even sends a scribble to its highest boss, the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff. That responds curtly, he knows nothing and UFO researchers should investigate the reported strike. For the outside world is an invented story that a Russian rocket, which burned in the atmosphere.

The correspondence between the defense staff last summer gradually released by the British Law of Public Administration, together with other documents. This is what no one could know when the UFO reports are an American aircraft that is known under the name Aurora.

Officially, Aurora never existed. The U.S. Air Force shows the type of literature on the fleet and no aircraft manufacturer has ever announced that it has made such a device. What is known about Aurora comes from witnesses, fuzzy video and documents that the British have now released.

It would be a delta-shaped aircraft with wings that is capable of ten times the speed of sound to fly. The drive system would consist of ordinary and jet Scram jets, engines with a high speed fuel spray in the air flowing through the air and then ignited.

The reports from Great Britain in line with stories from the United States. There were early nineties remarkable aircraft seen remarkable, donut-shaped "condensate lines left. Moreover heard people in the vicinity of certain U.S. airports at night strange engine noises.

What is the Aurora has become just as much a mystery as the device itself. For several years the unit not seen or heard. Probably the project stop or put the Americans now know better to hide.

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