China will soon be opening in major UFO cases + video

Monday, September 7, 2009

Something bigger than big happened in China regarding the UFO and extraterrestrial mystery.
So big that you may be equally sure that you know is not hot drink and hold down while you read

The readers of this site will be known to the Solar Eclipse UFO Sigting occurring in Deqing, Guandong province in China where a UFO in broad daylight was seen by dozens of students and was filmed and photographed by at least 9 persons, with onvoorstelbaren images as above.
The UFO also changed color and shape, which was also seen.

Almost no new source has brought this phenomenon outside of Asia while the news sent shockwaves through China's population weighing brought under great UFO movements and even among conservative scholars.

Now it became known that China's famous Purple Mountain Observatory at the confirmed having seen the UFO day on the day of the eclipse and 40 minutes of material they have gathered this year to study.

Original source: Allnewsweb

Source: be watchful