09-24-2010 04:48 AM

'The pyramid is highlighted in red, and its two diagonals are extended beyond the end of the pyramid to the north-east and north-west.* The mass of squiggly lines above the pyramid is the Delta of the Nile River, and, as you can see the two diagonals encase the Nile neatly and entirely.* IS THAT A COINCIDENCE???

Yes,* I'm sure that the way the Egyptians did this was to have someone walk hundreds of miles to the end of the delta and hold a really, really long piece of string while someone walked all the way back to the site of the pyramid.* Then,* those two people stood there while two more people repeated the process on the other side of the Pyramid.* Just so that they could build a big building in such a way that its diagonals lie on those two lines.'

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