Rio Arriba Scientific & Technological Underground Auxiliary

Author and Researcher Anthony F. Sanchez has vetted and interviewed a retired USAF Colonel (Colonel X), who says he can prove he worked at the underground facility.

(Colonel X) submitted to two tests by a certified forensic polygraph examiner. He passed two independent examinations.

Sanchez interviewed Colonel X for about three hours on January 8th, 2010.

The Colonel is presently teaching in a college under a new, assumed name.

Sanchez stated that the Colonel agreed to cut off all communications with him once Sanchez' book, UFO Highway, is released in December, 2010.

The official abbreviated form of the Dulce installation is RIO ARRIBA CO, DSD-3 or RIO-AUX.

Sanchez said that he was told that this designation is "classified" when he made an inquiry with the Military Records in St. Louis.

There are three separate installations in Dulce. The main underground installation is named TA-D1 and is located under Archuleta Mesa.

The second underground installation is a two-level installation, and is named TA-D2. It is located in an area between the Eastern slope of Archuleta Mesa and County Road 357, close to the Colorado stateline. The exact location of this Security installation will not be disclosed.

The third installation is called TA-D3 and is located in the Leandro Canyon (close to the Project Gasbuggy site of 1967), about 22 miles southwest of Dulce. This installation is the furthest from the main complex, but is connected to the main facility by an underground tunnel system.

The TA designation stands for Technical Area, as used at Los Alamos.

All three facilities are interconnected by subterranean tunnels. The main facility under the Mesa is also connected to Los Alamos National Laboratories in Los Alamos, New Mexico (A distance of about 65 miles).

There is no record whatsoever of a Thomas Edwin Castello that was ever employed as security personnel in Dulce.

There have never been any "Reptilians" in Dulce.

Colonel X and his wife were present incognito at the 2009 Dulce Base Conference which was held in Dulce, New Mexico. The conference was held on Sunday March 29, 2009 and drew about 130 people ( Colonel X said that he and his wife were near a parking lot close to the Best Western Jicarilla Inn at 5:50 a.m. on the morning of the conference, sitting and drinking coffee when two military helicopters flew over the building. One stayed around longer, hovering over the building. The other circled the area, then scanned some vehicles, including theirs, before leaving. The Colonel confirmed that the helicopters were from DSD-3. Colonel X also said that there were two AFOSI (Air Force Office Of Special Investigations) investigators sitting there in the audience who he personally recognized. In addition to them, there were several recogniable LANL scientists.

Colonel X confirmed there was an altercation in 1979 between the military and other "inhabitants" of the installation in Dulce. This was the primary reason why Colonel X, a specialist in Military Psychological Post-Trauma Counseling, was sent to Dulce in 1979 as a member of a special team that dealt with post-traumatic syndrome experienced by military personnel.

Colonel X stated that were it not for the late Paul Bennewitz and Myrna Hansen, the Dulce story would never have surfaced.

Excerpts from interview are located at:

Anthony Sanchez' book, UFO Highway ( will include the complete, fully transcribed amazing 3-hour interview with the Colonel that took place in January of 2010. It is scheduled to be released in December of 2010.

One documentary evidence item to back up the claims of the Colonel was shown to some researchers by Anthony Sanchez at a press conference held on September 11, 2010 in Angel Fire, New Mexico.