During his recent presentation at the Awake and Aware conference, Alex Collier asked the audience to consider how mentorship from ET's could work on this planet.

If you had a hand in designing a Mentorship program, what would it look like, how would it work, what topics would be covered, how would people learn about it and participate?

Let's start a discussion here and encourage our friends and colleagues to participate either online of offline.

Here are some initial thoughts on topics:
- Help us get past the immediate term!
- What are the critical path items for the species?
- Can we get a copy of our operating manual?
- What is built into our spacesuit and how do we access the capabilities?
- How do we access to our true historical records and past life wisdom?
- Basic introduction to mechanics of the Universe
- Basic introduction to beings of the Universe
- How do we contact a mentor and sign up today?

I curious what other people think. Please share!