Playa Del Rey, CA, October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Recently published information from Gary Kinder’s Open Letter to the UFO Community shows that among the stellar scientists and experts who first found for the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, films and other evidence were Michael Malin, Robert Post, Marcel Vogel, David Froning and others.

According to Michael Horn, U.S. media representative for the Meier case, the scientific support was not only unprecedented but posed unique problems for governmental and media agencies. “Consider that you had major scientists like Malin saying, ‘I find the photographs themselves credible, they're good photographs. They appear to represent a real phenomenon,’ while he naturally found it hard to accept that ‘some farmer in Switzerland is on a first name basis with dozens of aliens who come to visit him…’ Similar opinions were expressed by Robert Post of JPL, who said, ‘From a photography standpoint, you couldn't see anything that was fake about the Meier photos. That's what struck me. And of course Marcel Vogel’s conclusion that, even with all of the resources of IBM available to him, he couldn’t duplicate the metal samples given to Meier by the extraterrestrials.’”