reptilian invasions and the consequences and timelines playing out NOW...the new-age movement is largely oblivious to the fact that just as our DNA was messed with so was the planets lightbody and hologram...what effects the planet,effects us and visa-versa...the "sacred geometry" and theories of people such as Wilcock and Drunvalo and crew are PERPETUATING the distortions overlayed in our own bodies and the planet by these reptilian "gods",their theories play in to the hands of the same "powers that be" that control all the religions...the very same "gods"(and their fallen heirarchies) that most new-agey channelers and preachers are mouthpieces for ..

this is another good series of vids showing clearly how reptilian "gods" have left their marks in ancient cultures all over the world and how this has been covered up by modern historians and