Transcendence part 19 e giant UFO update (HD) October 17th 2010 A.D : disclosure has happened!! Please make viral all, very important video, most important video ever!!

This is the update for all of the UFO and inter-dimensional activity in the skies, it pulls many threads of information into one and shows clearly the contact and UFO appearances that are currently occurring world wide and amplifying..

A further update is on the way also within the next few days... So stay tuned...

Amazing footage ample proof, sightings worldwide and disclosure make viral all!!

This is the day Stanley became right about the appearances of UFO’s!
Even though everything the transcenders proclaimed is false!

Weird footage of disappearing villages in china also!! On October 10th 2010 and lots of new UFO footage over last few days..

Do not fall for the new age deception by looking for an outside savior or giving your power away to an unknown outside influence, never give your power any to anything external ever, for the truth is alive and well within each one of us and is dead and irrelevant outside oneself..

Be the living truth, live your heart, with no resistance from the mind…
Enjoy and be love