The Guardian is running a "You Ask, We Search" campaign on their Twitter page. Anyone who has Twitter should go to the page and request they look for the references to UFO's which Assange alluded to in his Q&A with them last week. If enough of us make this request, perhaps they will listen. More below:

Twitter Link:


The 'you ask, we search' exercise announced earlier by Alan Rusbridger continues to generate some fascinating ideas for mining the US embassy cables. Nearly 500 messages have been received since lunchtime, and the volume is picking up again fast this evening. So far, we have whittled these down to around 100 promising leads for further investigation, throwing up references on everything from rendition flights and economic predictions for Ireland to mentions of David Beckham and Roman Polanski. We have a small team of journalists running the suggestions through the database looking for relevant cables and will report back on the findings over the next few days. The best way to alert us to ideas is on Twitter by messaging @gdncables. Twitter refuseniks can post on the thread below (not ideal, but we'll try to keep up) and we will continue the exercise in a blog tomorrow."