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Thread: UFO Fires Laser at Village in India

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    UFO Fires Laser at Village in India

    Reports Suggest a UFO Fired Shots at a Village in Central India

    Reports coming out from India suggest that there has been some kind of laser weapon has been used, and has caused some level of damage in a small village of Central India.

    It is not known what caused the laser blast, but it has been described as being an intense burst or bursts of

    There are also reports suggesting that the Indian Government may have had some kind of contact with Extraterrestrials, or an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

    Witnesses have stated that there had been a series of blue lights and a massive blue structure or UFO in the sky, which circled the village of Sanalakedha on the 14th of December 2010.

    Read more here:

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    Re: UFO Fires Laser at Village in India

    How do we know it wasnt just a military experiment? haha those seem to happen a lot but I guess you never really know, very interesting tho and a lil scary at the same time

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