Groningen, Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because Miles O'Brien has 17 years yielded very good job for the science, technology & environment news staff, he had managed to acquire certain rights. One was that he could report without make eea ... until early December 2008 as a thunderclap in a clear sky was released.
The official story is simply due to the integration of science, technology, and environment 'reporting in the general editorial structure' in order not to have single teams.
The unofficial version has to do with the report "In Search of Aliens", this time it was a special project.

What is now hindsight the problem of these 'special' broadcast?

1) The quality of this report shown march photos from a subcontractor of NASA, is many times higher than the official by NASA itself pictures
2) The photo is a life affirming artefact.

This was simply "a step on the line, as this report indicates that NASA us for many years for lying.

The full report by Miles O'Brien, CNN's American Morning "In Search of Aliens",