What do you guys think of this story? Did he have a real alien encounter?

UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle

A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliensexamining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire.

By Alastair Jamieson
Published: 11:36AM BST 20 Oct 2009

Many crop circles, including this one in May 2009, have appeared near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Photo: APEX

The sergeant, who has not been named, was off-duty when he saw the figures standingin a field near Silbury Hill, and stopped his car to investigate. However, as he approached the ‘men’ – all over 6ft tall with blond hair – heheard “the sound of static electricity” and the trio ran away”faster than any man he had ever seen”.

The officer returned to his home in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and contactedparanormal experts and told them he had spotted a UFO. Wiltshire Police has refused to comment on the incident, saying it is a”personal matter” for the officer involved.

Crop circle researcher Andrew Russell, who is investigating the bizarresighting on behalf of the officer, described the moment his sighting wasmade. He said: ”At first he thought they were forensic officers as they weredressed in white coveralls. He stopped his car and approached the field.

”The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to beinspecting the crop. When he got to the edge of the field he heard what hebelieved to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity.

”This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop wasmoving gently, close to where the noise was.

”He shouted to the figures who, at first, ignored him, not glancing at him.When he tried to enter the field they looked up and began running.

”He said; ‘They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I’m no slouch butthey were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked backthey were gone.

”I then got scared. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feelingand headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache Icouldn’t shift.”

The bizarre incident occurred on the morning of July 6 this year as the policeofficer was driving.

The officer claims the three figures were examining a crop circle, which hadappeared several days earlier, when he stopped his car and began walkingtowards them.

However, the mysterious beings disappeared when he ”looked away for asecond” and he contacted UFO experts after witnessing other paranormalactivity.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: ”The police officer was apparently offduty when this happened so we have no comment to make because it is apersonal not a police matter.”

Crop circle expert Colin Andrews, who investigated the incident alongsideAndrew Russell, said he is ”convinced” by the police officer’s story.
He said: ”I am quite convinced the officer had an experience that day and onethat we have not fully explored.

”I think with the unusual movement of the being and the poltergeistexperiences there is too much additional information to say that issomething in nothing.”