This forwarded from one of my friends at MUFON LA. Did you know that Dr. Mitchell grew up in Roswell, New Mexico?

you can listen to Mitchell here:

Some highlights from the video:

“There’s quite a bit of contact going on…” “…the Roswell crash was real…”

On disclosure: “…the amount of disinformation…seems to be decreasing…”

On his personal safety for going public “…I don’t think they’re knocking people off for that anymore…”

“…if they were hostile, we’d be gone by now…”

No doubt my inbox will be flooded with the usual “you’re losing credibility by reporting this stuff..” and other responses that will go to the heart of denial, but is what Edgar Mitchell says is true, your government and mine has been lying to us for 60-years about what’s arguably the biggest story in recorded history – off planet contact.

No, I’m not saying it’s so – please don’t confuse the messenger with the message on this stuff. There are lots of possibilities, not the least of which was outlined in “A Report from Iron Mountain on the accessibility and desirability of peace” that creation and disclosure of ‘aliens’ would be a dandy population control mechanism. On the other hand, if what Mitchell says is true, then government has been lying – and that brings up the question “What else might they be lying about?”

The pictures that come in are pretty much continuous. A reader sent some which were taken up in the Sedona Arizona area several weeks back. But, having misplaced those, it’s not like you can’t find plenty of pictures of them. Like this set from Australia.

Was the Russian crash of a UFO in 1969 real? Or, was it a crash of back-engineered technology?
I haven’t made up my mind on the topic yet, but as usual, I’ll try to sort through what ‘facts’ can be distinguished and Mitchell’s claims might be considered another significant step on the road to disclosure.