Michael Cohen

The UFO video below is currently making waves in China where it is being hailed by some as final and conclusive proof that UFOs do visit Planet Earth and do fly alongside planes from time to time. Other viewers are convinced that the UFO seen in the clip is nothing more than a computer generated image superimposed over genuine footage taken by a passenger out of a plane window. It is not known when the footage was purportedly captured, however it is believed to have been taken in the last few months on a flight to Beijing, China's capital city.

Alien researchers often speak of the "UFO catch 22": Either UFOs seen in home-made video clips are dismissed as blobs of undefinable lights in night skies or, if they are clear and filmed in the daytime, they are dismissed as computer generated images.

Many have commented that if a government did release an irrefutable video of a daytime UFO it would inevitably end up looking like computer graphics anyway. This obviously muddies the waters for researchers, to say the least.

Human imagination and computer graphics are light years ahead of other real life technology, it seems. Some philosophers have even noted that our current ability to envisage future technology could actually hamper, rather than aid, human progress.