A U.S. military base in Utah was mysteriously closed suddenly. The Dugway Proving Ground base closed the site without prior warnings because of "problems". The mystery of this points to what may not came of this world.

The observation of a UFO above the base and the surrounding area makes a lot of questions. What were these strange lights in the sky? Is this basis, the new "Area 51"? Some call it all "Area 52". Or was this base, like many others, monitored because of stored weaponry.
The remarkable lights hovered between 7:15 p.m. to 19:30 hours over Utah. ABC4 paid attention to the story and interviewed two witnesses on the spot. Both witnesses saw the same lights in the sky and say they are certain that they were not flares or other, their known matters.

From an ABC4 (KTVX) report, UFOs were seen over various parts of Utah County on January 27, 2010. They were described as a series of red lights and looked like they were dropping flares.

These same UFOs have apparently been seen in Utah before.

Breaking news UFO Filmed Over Utah military base closed after UFO is spotted

I saw these 3 red lights that seemed to be hovering in formation and dropping bright flares over American Fork, Utah. Not sure what they were but they don't look like helicopters or any airplanes I've ever seen.
It's also interesting to note that Dugway Proving Ground, an Army weapons testing base went on lockdown just an hour before I sighted this.
I don't know what to make of it but it's definitely strange.

Here's a second video I attempted to take after trying to move away from the lights. It's a little clearer than the first but even shakier.
I could buy the theory that these are just R/C planes with very long ranges/ceilings but whats up with the bright flares dropping from the bottoms? These R/C planes would have to carry a lot of weight to continually dispense these flares.