Found this interesting interpretation of a lot we talk about here:

A balanced view is not a bad thing....


Intrinsic Control
This deals with what we are (genetically) and how we think. The subject of our intrinsic nature and how it reflects intervention(s) will occupy much of the remainder of this page.
To understand how intrinsic control or intervention has worked, we need to be able to examine ourselves.

By this I mean that we, in ourselves - either our psychology if you accept Lash's variety of intervention, or more conventionally our genetics - would embody the results of one or more "invasions". If there were several phases of invasion, then the results might be layered.

Do we see layering in our psychological makeup and/or our genetics? We most certainly do. I am suggesting a new way of looking at this.

Here is another quote:

MYTH: Groups of advanced beings came here and found the planet inhabited by proto-humans, which they then genetically upgraded to the modern human form. Suitably advanced souls (that's us) were brought in and allowed themselves to be attached to this new human evolution. At that point, the arts of civilization could be taught to these hybrid creations.
That suggestion of intrusion and intervention in human affairs has been advanced on several Open SETI pages. You will also find it expanded on one of the final pages of The End of Enchantment (see A Synthetic Myth), a companion website that is heartily recommended.