There are those whose intent and purpose is to present a false flag scenario - a great deception beyond the average person's imagination. Remember when Cliff High spoke about how alien space wars was showing up in the web bot data? Anyone remember some of the finer detail points of Fatima with respect to when.. a date, a time but the year was unknown? Got any ideas on who is really good with cloning these days and who they are going to try and pass off as the savior of the world?

TPTB are running out of time. They are orchestrating a scenario that lines up with the Bible... a scenario that will dupe and scare the s-h-i-t out of the average earth citizen unless they are truly prepared for what is, very likely, on the upcoming agenda for next Spring. That is unless we take action and refuse to buy into their plot. These days we now know that when looking at a UFO there is just as high a probability a UFO (particularly the triangular shaped ones) is one of ours that has been back engineered and floating around within the secret government for the past 40 years now. TPTB are running flat out of time to get the world under control and are getting desperate. Information has been leaked from those deep inside who are aware what is planned - implementation of the great deception, a false flag alien invasion and the manifestation of the false Christ.

What to defeat them? Refuse to give into fear and continue to focus on the new influx of golden spiritual energy that is headed this way and will be here in full force in 2012. That is the future for those whose eyes and hearts are open to the truth.

There are many beneficial aliens of positive spiritual intent. It is those beings we need to focus on, not the negative alien propaganda and games that TPTB keep dragging out of the closet like dirty linen demanding our attention and energy instead of refocusing our intention on what will serve us best.

V is being aired this month for a few shows and again in Spring. This is another attempt to jack up fear toward aliens in general and fear seeps into the unconscious and conscious minds of an unsuspecting populace in TPTBs attempt to condition people into to accepting an alien space war. This is just another ploy.. a mind control game on a mega scale. Please keep in mind that if the aliens really wanted to attack earth they could have done it years ago. And keep in mind that there are nests of disinformation agents whose sole intent is to instill and generate fear as a means of control and manipulate the general public with respect to accepting the unacceptable by buying into their proposed hidden alien agendas.

If we take a step back and look at our own human race.. on a whole, it is good with a few bad apples scattered about creating all types of havoc. Perhaps the same can be said of a few of the alien groups that have existed on this planet for thousands of years. A few... not the majority.. just a few bad apples. And these few are like parasites who feed off of human spirituality. The key is not to feed them by giving into negative thinking and fear but to stay centered in ones heart and the heart of god. Focus on manifesting heaven on earth in your personal inter-relationships with others (practice kindness), in planting your gardens and creating beauty.. being a steward to the planet. This is where ones focus and intention can do the most good and create positive change. Be happy as the next golden age is literally just around the corner.