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Thread: Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!

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    Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!


    52 09'42.532" N 13 13'12.69" W



    52 09'42.532" N 13 13'12.69" W
    Hy Brasil

    Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!-hy-jpg

    Brazil (mythical island) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Original binary:

    Page : 1

    01000101010110000101000001001100010011110101001001 00000101010100010010010100111101001
    11001001111010001110100100001010101010011010100000 10100111001001001010101000101100100
    11011001101100110110011100000110001001100000011000 0

    Page : 2

    00110101001100100011000000111001001101000011001000 110101001100110011001001001110001100
    01001100110011000100110011001100010011001000110110 001110010101011101000011010011110100

    Page : 3

    01010101010011110101010101010011010100011001001111 0101001001010000010011000100000101001
    11001000101010101000100000101010010010110010100000 1010001000101011001000001010011100001

    Page : 4

    01000110010011101010101010101001001010100010010000 1000011010011110100111101000100010010
    01010011100100000101010100010001010100001101001111 0100111001010100010010010100111001010
    10101001111010101000101010101010001010100111001000 0110110001010101000001010010010000100

    Page : 5

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    Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!

    I just wanted to add this to this thread, here is a quote from Jim Penniston Facebook wall:

    "I will tell you Ancient Aliens decipher is wrong... Linda has it right on her web site, earthfiles... she had two separated experts on two different continents, both whom taught college at esteemed universities... I am going with Linda's, because it as match by both, even though they did it separate... Ancient Aliens has the grid wrong and also left out other words deciphered.... "

    ~Jim Penniston

    Here is the translation Linda Moulton Howe got:
    EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY [unclear] (333 or 666 repeated 3 times) 8100
    52.0942532 N 1.3131269 W CONTINUOUS
    Its a little bit different and should be added to this thread.
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    Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!

    Which coordinates are right, and who are what determined where the decimal point is?

    52 09'42.532" N 13 13'12.69" W
    52.0942532 N 1.3131269 W
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    Re: Rendlesham Forest UFO Binary Code Decoded !!

    If you have been following the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, you will know that nobody is really sure which coordinates are right. I think they're basing it on how many numbers they have.

    Because the first set of numbers that starts with 52 has seven numbers after the decimal so would make sense that the second set of numbers would also have seven after the decimal. I also think they believe the first number is 52, because 52 is roughly around the area where the Woodbridge Air Force Base is located.
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