Alien Body Discovered Near Crash Site in Canada 2011

By: ufohunter16903 | Made on: 13 apr 2011

Location Canada, Unconfirmed. Not much info on this except it was apparently filmed by a couple who claim they found the corpse of an ET while walking their dog. They stated a strong smell of burning in the air, like sulphur, and the scene was eerie, no birds tweeting which was unusual for the area they stated. They also claim parts of an object were embedded in a hill, a short distance from where they discovered the body. The video ends abruptly as the couple are shouted at by what seems to be military personnel making their way down towards them, the couple run as they do not want to be arrested. According to the sender the audio was cut because it was just crackle, could have something to do with radiation etc! If the footage is real, then thats a plausible explanation i guess! Real or elaborate fake, as always you decide.

Aappears real enough if you ask me.