Hiya all,

I'm not really so sure if it really is recently been posted or not. I tried a couple of lookups and didn't uncover anything therefore I made a decision to take a risk. I know individuals will inform me if it is a 'double-up'.

In any case, this footage has been purportedly captured from a Brazilian Tv series who were analyzing accounts regarding UFO/ET activities in Corguinhos-MS. Seemingly they were hoping to get some video footage of an "nationally famous ET named Bilu (??)".

If you feel this video footage is real then I guess you can declare this was the tv crew's lucky day

It depicts what appear to be an alien (which they state is actually... Bilu) "dematerialize" in to thin air.

Discover for yourself and make up your own thoughts...

Original footage:

Modified decrease movement video clip centering on the believed alien: