The information here is being presented to you in the hope that you will consider it in the light of your own experience. You are not being asked to "believe" anything, for that would require a faith which may not have a basis in your common core of experience.However, the data presented herein is based on a common core of experience that is shared by literally thousands of people on this planet. Aspects of that common core of experience are also shared by billions of other entities that are not terrestrial humans. But that's another story.

The process of control of the planetary populace necessitated
the following activities:

Planning and execution of deliberate conflict in order to divide, fragment and limit population to controllable levels.Retention of constructive technology, including health related technology, in order to insure a dependent societal structure that would support and maintain the power structure. Deliberate manipulation of the planetary power structure in all matters of finance; planning and control through creation of economic "crisis

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