INTRODUCTION: Here is the correct information regarding the reported two (2) or three (3) crashed alien craft and sites:

BACKGROUND: In late 1979, Lyle Roff, a retired FBI employee was interviewed by Bill Moore, who was co-author of the first Roswell book, "The Roswell Incident."

Roff originally gave Moore the information that is contained in the recent FBI release dated from Wednesday, March 22, 1950, at:

MANY researchers have known about this document and refused to accept it because it didn't side with their faulty, misguided research. It is REAL and it contains information that a USAF Intelligence officer provided to an FBI agent as part of their investigation. It ISN'T disinformation ... it is REAL.


In 1950, the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) was investigating the UFO phenomenon.The FBI received a classified briefing from USAF Intelligence in 1950.

During the briefing, the USAF reported that there might have been three (3) flying saucer crashes in New Mexico. U.S. Army/Air Force found three (3) possible crash sites in NM.

One site was located approximately 40 miles north of Roswell.

One site was located approximately 10 miles southeast of Corona

And one site was near Shaw Mountain, south of the Plains of San Agustin in western NM. The latter site was found in 1949 by some ranchers.

The first two (2) sites were believed to be two (2) different craft, however, the USAF later determined that the site north of Roswell and southeast of Corona WERE THE SAME CRAFT, which broke up into two (2) distinct pieces.

In 1947, another piece of the Roswell craft was found by a rancher east of Corona, along State Route 247. This information was NOT fully documented in any single USAF report until 1954, four (4) years AFTER the FBI report was published in 1950.

Roff worked in FCI and provided Moore with additional information on a possible crash site near Silver City, NM. Debris was found near the Bushy Mountain Air Force Station in June 1963. The debris was examined and determined to be a possible remnant of a CRASHED SAUCER of EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN.

BUT that information has always been CONFUSED with the Aztec, NM, crash site. The USAF has NEVER acknowledged any saucer crash site near Aztec, NM. Roff died in the early '80s.

The recently released FBI memo has been known for many years. The first PUBLISHED report of the memo was in 1977. Many researchers had access to that memo, but they refused to acknowledge the authenticity of the information because it did NOT agree with THEIR long-held [incorrect] information.

As I have said for many years, there has NOT been A SINGLE BOOK written that tells the TRUE, REAL story of Roswell nor the other crash site in western NM.

"Flying saucer" researchers have IGNORED the REAL information and relied on outright FALSE or FAULTY [true/false] information given by second and third person witnesses.

There was a second FBI memo that was released, but later retracted. In that report, dated 1952, it detailed witness accounts by Dan Wilmat, who witnessed the crash north of Roswell and Barney Barnett, who -- with a friend -- found debris from the SECOND crash site near Shaw Mountain.

Barnett actually handled the debris and kept some of the items found near the craft. However, the FBI/U.S. military seized those items from Barnett when he attempted to steal them in 1951.

Barnett returned to the crash site two (2) days after finding it and took photographs. Several days later, the U.S. Army arrived on scene and recovered ALL the debris. Barnett died some years later and many researchers have spent time trying to locate those photographs.

The Sheriff of Socorro County during that time period allegedly had copies, however, he died and no one to this date knows the location of those photographs.

In 1957, the USAF published a highly classified report that fully DETAILED ALL OF THE CRASH SITES IN NEW MEXICO.

The report lists one (1) crash site for the Roswell craft, but two (2) different debris fields.

ONE being where part of the craft landed north of Roswell and the SECOND being southeast of Corona.

The SECOND crash site was listed as Shaw Mountain. ALIEN BODIES were recovered at BOTH crash sites.

The USAF theorized that both crafts collided in midair north of Roswell.

One craft broke up with one piece landing north of Roswell and the other piece landing southeast of Corona.

The SECOND craft made it west to the area just north of Shaw Mountain where it crashed.

The FIRST ALIEN CRAFT was found a few days later, BUT the SECOND SITE wasn't found until 1949.

The ALIEN BODIES found in the SECOND craft were highly decomposed.

The FIRST ALIEN CRASHED CRAFT was taken to Roswell and later on to Wright Air Field in Ohio.

The SECOND ALIEN CRAFT was taken to Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, where it was carefully examined. It was later taken to Los Alamos Labs where it was subjected to a thorough, highly detailed examination.

The USAF were able to compare both pieces of the craft from Roswell and Corona and determined it was just ONE (1) craft. Later, they used the piece found in 1957 to FULLY RECONSTRUCT THE ALIEN CRAFT.

The SECOND ALIEN CRAFT was heavily damaged, but was in one (1) piece, EXCEPT for small fragments that landed within one (1) mile of the crash site.

Although heavily decomposed, the USAF and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology were able to determine that BOTH sets of remains were from the SAME ALIEN SPECIES. There were classified as NON-humans, but were air breathing life forms.


New information regarding the ACTUAL CRASH DATE derived from the onboard ALIEN TIME DEVICE was provided to me by a DIA colleague, ANONYMOUS III. IF true, this may very well REwrite the "official" history of the Roswell Incident as currently presented in the mainstream press and public domain.



VICTOR: The following is in reference to the date of the Roswell crash that you inquired about.

That is conjecture on the part of the entire intelligence community. Col John Merritt, former chief at AF intel back in the old days -- and now long since deceased -- was convinced the crash occurred on Saturday, June 14, 1947. That is what many of the early filed reports stated.

However, in the mid-'90s, a team of Los Alamos scientists determined the crash date to be around Thursday, June 12 - Tuesday, July 1, 1947. I tend to AGREE with those dates. There are many factors involved.

Marcel stated it was about Tuesday, June 24, 1947, but then changed that date several times during later interviews.

One factor you must remember is that Ebe-1 was alive and found in pretty good shape by the first U.S. Army recovery team at the site where the craft was found. That site was DIFFERENT than what Marcel and Brazel found. They found the DEBRIS FIELD. The craft was about one (1) mile away.

The memo isn't new since it was known of for many years. The crackpot critics or UFO idiots will say it was a "hoax." But since the insiders know different, the memo contained information conveyed by Air Force intel to the FBI/FCI.

The information was NOT from the OSI; it originated from USAF Intelligence. The OSI memo is another item that was released many years ago and contained basically the same information EXCEPT that the number of ALIEN BODIES was different. I think the OSI memo stated eight (8) total, but I am uncertain of the exact number.


Although it has been years since I had access to that information, I can say this:

Based on all of the field reports, the APPROXIMATE CRASH DATE for the Roswell sites was stated as
Thursday, June 12 - Tuesday, July 1, 1947. That is based on several factors with the primary ones being RADAR PROFILES recorded by the U.S. Army in NM, AND the alien TIME DEVICES found on the alien craft and subsequently decoded.

In 1995, the Los Alamos Laboratory reported in a highly classified document that both ALIEN CRAFT contained TIME DEVICES that our scientists were able to translate into OUR time periods. The TIME DEVICE that was found in the Roswell craft was NOT known to be a TIME DEVICE until then.

Scientists at Los Alamos used a supercomputer to analyze the device and found that the display on the device was a recording of a time period just PRIOR to the craft crashing.

Using the alien "Energy Device" [USG codenamed: "CRYSTAL RECTANGLE"] that was also found in the craft, they were able to turn on the TIME DEVICE and viewed different displays or readouts in the EBEN language. Based on what they already knew of the language, they were able to determine each sequence of time displays as being a set date under the EBEN calendar.

It took them many more months using the supercomputer to translate those time frames with Roman dates. They then determined the crash occurred in the MIDDLE of June 1947. It was a GREAT discovery by our scientists.

They were then able to translate the TIME DEVICE in the SECOND alien craft found near Shaw Mountain. They determined that the SECOND alien craft crashed on the SAME DATE as the FIRST alien craft.

Based on that data, they theorized that BOTH CRAFT collided over the New Mexico desert and CRASHED on the SAME DATE. The SECOND alien craft was able to fly a longer distance before it crashed.

It is also interesting to know that NOTHING inside the two (2) recovered craft would turn on without the Energy Device. Our electrical system could NOT make any electrical device work inside the two (2) Eben craft.

Although EXACT time and dates could NOT be determined, they did determine a TIME FRAME from the alien recorded information to the point when the time device stopped on the alien craft.

I get a kick out of the blog e-mail streams released by you, Victor. Those UFO people who claim they know it all ... know @#$%! [Expletive] No one ... NOT one single book EVER written on the Roswell crash has gotten it right. Roswell was an entirely different animal.

But those UFO people and "researchers" have clogged the system in such a way that the actual events and TRUTH canNOT be told. No one would believe it since these idiot UFO researchers have spread so much @#$% [expletive deleted] that everything smells bad that is now released.

I will prepare a new "Project SERPO" release on "Project XXX XXXX." Sorry, I've been quite sick, but am recovering well now.


I hope this clears up the confusion, however, I KNOW the critics will still preach their own "Gospel of Truth."

– ANONYMOUS I, Retired Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst

(The original source for "Project SERPO" Release #1 on Wednesday, 11-2-2005)


"Project SERPO" Release #35 ADDENDUM:

PREVIOUS POSTS ON THE ALIEN ENERGY DEVICE aka "The CRYSTAL RECTANGLE" aka "The MAGIC CUBE" aka "PVEED" [Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device].

Posting #11 by ANONYMOUS (21 December, 2005)

"QUESTION: Please explain, for the enlightenment of all, the Eben Energy Device [ED] found at the Roswell crash site.

ANONYMOUS: OK, I will answer this question. Dimensions: 9" x 11" x 1.5", weight 26.7 oz. The ED [Energy Device] is clear and made of something similar to hard plastic. On the bottom left, there is a small square metal plate, possibly a chip. It is one of the connector points.

On the bottom right, there is another small square metal point, which is the second connector point. Viewed from an electron microscope, the ED contains small circular-shaped bubbles. Within these bubbles are extremely minute small particles. When a demand for electric power is applied to the ED, the particles always move clockwise at a great speed, not measurable.

There is also some type of unidentified fluid located around the bubbles. When a demand is placed on the ED, this fluid turns from a clear color to a hazy pink color. The fluid becomes warm between 102° - 115° F.

However, the little bubbles would not heat up, ONLY the fluid. The bubbles maintained a constant temperature of 72° F. The boundary of the ED contains small (micron sized) wires.

When a demand is placed on the ED, the wires expand in size. This expanding process depended on the amount of demand placed on the ED. We did extensive, exhaustive experimentation with the ED. We could power everything from a 0.5 watt bulb to an entire house.

The ED automatically detects the required demand and then outputs that exact amount. It worked on everything electrical except equipment that contained a magnetic field. Somehow, our magnetic field interferes with the output demand of the ED. However, we have developed a shielding process to correct this. "

The SECRET BEHIND "The CRYSTAL RECTANGLE" – Posting #19 by ANONYMOUS (21 August 2006)

"The dimensions were 26cm x 17cm x 2.5cm. The CR weighs 728 grams. There is a possibility that "two" CR exists. One that weighed 668 grams and one that weighed 728 grams. There was a notation in a classified document that read: PVEED-1 [Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device]. This would indicate that there is a PVEED-2! Scientists do not refer to the CR as a CR but as a PVEED, or "The Magic Cube."