:: February 19, 2011 ::

The Viper

The sun is acting up and the winds here are blowing madly. It is unsettling.

The 'Viper' would like to set the record straight with some of the things we've been saying about the place we've been calling Area 51.

He is an insider, who has worked within the (UFO Crash Retrieval Team), and for starters, it's not called Area 51 by those in the know.

He has asked for anonymity, for what should be obvious reasons. What he has to reveal is earth-shaking if true?

A most Extraordinary "whistle blower" has arrived on the UFOlogical scene.

Is he real? That is yet to be determined.

He does offer many statements in his testimony, that can be tested and readily cross-checked for credibility.

Is he important? Well.... it could be the biggest Ufology story of 2011 (so far). Time will tell.

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