NASA retouched satellite imagery of the sun from 28 June 2011 Pictures from: Music by: OMEQA – Aveng (Original Mix) – The inclusion of the satellite “Stereo Ahead” dated 26/06/2011 01:35:31 Clock to the file name “20110628_013530_n7euA_195.jpg” showed up on the left two mysterious objects in the solar corona. These objects are symmetrical and very similar to previously discovered objects to other images of the sun. A few days after the release of this photograph is no longer available and has been replaced by one using the name “20110628_013530_n4euA_195.jpg.” On this new recording, the two objects are no longer visible. The photo does show a better quality, but the objects have disappeared, been airbrushed out, apparently with image editing programs. In this respect it is really in the objects is to intelligently controlled, gigantic large flying objects in the near vicinity of the sun.