Jaime and Santiago will present an exclusive report of UFOs in space in this fascinating documentary below (enjoy those who have not seen this), the continuing wave of UFOs in Mexico, the most spectacular sighting in 2009 and an update on the investigation of the Metepec Creature with DNA analysis. They will show four 2009 shuttle missions by NASA showing a variety of UFOs and anomalies during the transmissions. A 2009 documented report of the most spectacular UFO sightings from Mexico with new videos, photos and interviews featuring the amazing May 22, 2009 UFO releasing spheres over Mexico City, an unprecedented UFO sighting videotaped by two different witnesses, impressive footages and interviews on locations - a must see for everyone. They will give a special report from Turkey and Italy where the UFO activity has been specially intense in 2009, with new amazing videos and a tour for the UFO hot spots.

Lastly, they will give an updated report with new developments in the investigation of the Metepec Creature, a strange being captured in a veterinarian ranch in Metepec , Mexico . The results of the scientific examinations and DNA analysis confirming this is a creature of an unknown species. And more surprises in this unique conference by Jaime and Santiago.