At 1.45pm on the 7January 1948 the control tower of Godman Airforce Base in Kentucky got a call from The State Highway Patrol. They said that townspeople about eighty miles away had reported seeing a strange aircraft in the sky. Godman personnel checked and informedthe police that there were no flights in the area. Not long afterwards however the control tower saw the object which no one could identify. About an hour later three F--51 Mustang fighters on a training exercise came into view. The Base commander asked Captain Thomas Mantell the leader to investigate the unknown flying object. All the Mustang pilots knew that to go beyond15,000 feet with out oxygen was dangerous. Yet at 2.54pm Mantell told the control tower he was going to climb higher to get closer to theodd craft. When the others reached 15,000 feet they could not contact Mantell who was above them. At 3pm the control tower lost sight of the weird aircraft. A few minutes after that Mantells plane dived exploding in mid air. The wreckage was found ninety miles away. The official explanation of Mantells death was that he had been chasing Venus. Few beleived this inplausiblereason ----and Today the mystery remains.