Phony or otherwise love him or despise him this is what Michael Cohen explained regarding this video clip:

Michael Cohen

Very little, if anything, is known about the remarkable UFO footage below. It seems, judging by the commentary, that the UFO was either seen in North America or elsewhere by North American tourists. The witness doing the filming, who is clearly shocked by what he is seeing, is encouraged by his partner to "keep recording".

Judging by the size of the UFO seen towards the end of the clip, in relation to the earthly structures seen in the footage, one can estimate that this craft must be many miles wide and possibly be carrying a substantial number of alien passengers.

The question many will be asking on viewing UFO footage of this type might be: For what purpose is a craft of this size entering Earth's orbit?

Perhaps this is an advanced extraterrestrial race's version of tour-bus, briefly making a detour into Earth's atmosphere to observe the primitive beings on this planet and their not-too-developed civilization before continuing to elsewhere within the galaxy or even beyond.

Evidence suggests that an alien race has initiated a program to make human beings aware of their presence and possibly the presence of myriads of other advanced non-terrestrial groups. Until this program progresses substantially it is not likely that we will get the answers to such questions.