Date of sighting: September 3, 2011
Location: Pantanal, Brazil

This is an interesting video of a colorful UFO over the wetlands of Pantanal. The video sadly is shaky and could have been easily made steady had the person thought about propping themselves against a wall, pole, car or some other object. This looks like a common type of rotating orbs, but rather than a smooth surface, these orbs have many flat surfaces like the classic diamond cut stone would have. remember the Dallas Cowboys 1979 Football Game UFO close


UFO Sighting over Dallas Cowboys Football Game Close Up on TV, Real Video during game.

want to go over this video and show you this oldy but goody UFO sighting that took place during a Dallas Cowboys VS Pittsburgh Steelers game. These UFO orbs are hovering while small (14 inches in diameter) disks are flying about. To best see them skip to the super close up at 56 seconds into the video. This is real and took place during the game

Also fast forward to 2:20 to see it again. Pause the video to see the tiny disks shooting around. Think of the tiny disks as drones, just like the USAF uses but much smaller and much faster.

UFO highlights from the 10-28-79 Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers game. Nationally broadcast and 52,000 stadium witnesses. They announcers broke into the toy gun commercial to show this. And later had to repeat the commercial due to this. The video was cut prior to commercials to prove authenticity. The good stuff starts at the 55 second mark.Remember this was 1979

Here is a more detailed one of the event