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Thread: Ancient Aliens - Alien Contacts

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    Ancient Aliens - Alien Contacts

    After watching this episode on Ancient Aliens, I realized that we, today are no different from our ancient ancestors. For instance, we still look for answers from psychics and channelled messages from whatever entities. We still haven't learned to trust ourselves....IMO all of us today would be awestruck when we finally come face to face with our cosmic cousins. Rightly so. They will be amazing.
    But what will certainly happen is that many people will go into "worship mode" because these beings will seem godly compared to us. It shouldn't happen, but it will....Not everyone will, but a majority for sure. So, Disclosure might not be the way we anticipate. I'm just hoping that our cosmic cousins don't start playing the "gods game" with us....

    "...it is as impossible to confirm UFOs in the present as it will be to deny them in the future." ~Dr. Wernher von Braun

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    Re: Ancient Aliens - Alien Contacts

    I've recently just started watching this series. I find it so amazing. It's telling me things that I've always suspected and have known somewhere deep inside. I sometimes feel like I have a connection to some of these cultures and their contact with aliens. I watch to learn as much as I can because I love the topic of aliens and Ufo's.
    Only he who has an open mind will be shown the truth.

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