Well this is different

Date of sighting: January 2012
Location of sighting: Dier Simbel, Syria

Witness says now don't be fooled by the video special effects making it look more professional. This UFO in the video does exist. I have seen it last summer here in Taiwan when I myself was recording the clouds. What I saw was only for about 3 seconds and it was 70-80% transparent, but it looked like a starfish. I didn't see it until I went to put it on the computer. I tried to upload it but when transferred to Youtube it lost its quality so was not so visible. What I'm saying is its real, I saw it once and I believe this is a legit video of it close up. Oh...it didn't look like a ship to me, because it rotated (slowly) like a wheel on end. Perhaps a probe or some undiscovered life form in the clouds.

Eyewitness states: "The Assad Regime Reports to see in the village of Dier Simbel in Syria about 25 miles from Idib, Jericho and Ma'Arrat Naman a U.F.O. Sighting that entered the atmosphere."