UFO Spheres found in the old Battle of LA 1942 footage – for the last 3 years or so, I have been wondering about these dark UFO spheres in the old footage from Los Angeles February 25, 1942, known as the Battle of LA 1942, that seem to fly into the frame and stay there shortly a few frames, and then subsequent rushing out again and disappear. It has been right in our face all the time, but I think we all have ignored it in the belief, that it was artifacts in the film, blotches or remnants from the explosions, like fragments that lights up and darkens in a split second. What amazes me, is that these objects, seem to fly in from the right and from top of the video, which will not even suggest that it is fragments from grenades exploding near the large unknown craft the searchlights was pointed at. The flashes of light you see in the old footage from LA, should undoubtedly be the explosions you see. They lights up because they explode and will tend to do it in a fixed position. Remnants from the explosions just don´t fly around for a while, coming in from the top and stops, or coming in from the right and stops, hovers for a while, and then rush away out of the frame again. When you see this film at normal speed, the spheres looks like they could be artifacts in the old footage, until you slow down the speed.

Link: UFO Spheres found in the old Battle of LA 1942 footage