Some interesting info concerning the origins of the Maya People: (an interesting aside, there is currently an Procyon Mothership in Outer Orbit above California Currently, and has been for many months). This info is part of Selected Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict and Creation Book. It seems pretty harmoneous with what other info I've read and been told concerning the Mayans and other cultures of the area. Even more infomation can be found concerning the Mayans in research of King Aramu Muru and his empire, along with information regarding the Solar White Brotherhood. Some of which I've posted in the past threads.

Info on King Aramu Muru, The Solar Brotherhood of The Seven Rays and The White Solar Brotherhood (which includes info on Mayan, Incan, and Sumerian connection to Lemuria/MU). This Info is great for those curious about how this is all tied together, and includes lots of true history of human origins etc. From here tying in the Sirian and Reptilian connections is very easy. The rest just falls right into place.

The Solar Brotherhood Of The Seven Rays.
Collection of Articles on White Solar Brotherhood, etc.
The Lost City Of Aramu Muru. This article includes photos and evidence linking to connection with Sumeria.

Selected Excerpts from: Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict and Creation. excerpt below V.

The Procyon star system does not have much technology. The Procyons were brought to this planet after the fall of Atlantis to boost the survival rate of the refugees. They became the Maya, Aztec, and Inca. They were given ancient Lemurian and Atlantean outposts in the Andes and Sierras of Mexico. They tried unsuccessfully to recreate these cultures, including emulating the building of the pyramids, performing medical procedures, and finally, sacrificing to the Reptilian gods. This is why their legends speak of blond men returning in chariots from space to take them away.

The Anasazi Indians of the American southwest were also brought from Procyon. It was the Sirians who so generously provided transportation. The Sirians even attempted to bring the Hebrews to the American west. Ancient Hebrew coins were found in New Mexico and other parts of North and South America.

Over the millennia and recent centuries, movements of nations, colonizations, war, and famines, have thrown the Earths population into a giant melting pot. Strands of genetics have continuously mixed with one another, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and South America. The result is that there are few pure races left, and the racial and cultural unity makes it easier for group control.

While all of this was going on in Europe and the Middle East, the Chinese Empire was expanding over East Asia, and the Dravidian-Reptilian culture in India was being replaced by the Aryan (Ari- and Sum-Arian) hordes from Central Asia. In South America, the Inca Empire was flourishing as it was mixed with the genetics of the Procyon star system.

The same mixture was happening in North and Central America creating the Toltecs, Mayans, and Aztecs. All of these cultures, used blood-ritual and human sacrifice. This indicates that the Procyonians were themselves conquered by the Reptilians and did their bidding, even though they were humanoid. All of the Central and South American cultures used snakes and Reptilians as symbols.

These people have a unique blend of Lemurian/Draco and Atlantean/Human genetics mixed with the Procyonian DNA.