Here is MSM coverage regarding UFO's in the Honduran MSM. Here is a Google translation:

Raquel Miranda marks the site where he observed the night of Feb. 14 the figure in a visual object to be identified.

La Ceiba. - It was five in the afternoon of Tuesday 14 February when the young Raquel Miranda went on Alvarado Street neighborhood where he lives, and looked to the sky, where he observed something unusual in space.

He immediately took his cell phone and started taking pictures. "I was struck and took out my cell, I took photos and video. It was shaped like a streak of white color, such as leaving some aircraft. What I thought was weird is not shaking, "said Miranda. In photographs and video you can see that the rectangular shape of the figure was static for color was white to yellow, but sometimes seemed incandescent, like a trail of smoke or fire left by a plane and disappear from nothing

This leaves a lot to the analysis shows is that during one of the sightings, in seconds another figure appears out of nowhere like a slightly smaller but below the other. "First one is looking at a figure but after they were forming a smaller one below," observed Rachel.

She does not ensure that the case of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), but as a believer in God, "at first glance we see nature but God sometimes allows us to see different things and we're going to see more. I think they are things of nature, "he said. The sighting caught the attention of the neighbors, who stunned could not believe what they saw.

Another young woman, who declined to be identified and residing in the neighborhood Sierra Pina, almost a quarter mile from Alvarado, also said to have observed the strange figure from the backyard. The videos and photographs, have not yet been analyzed by experts, but some neighbors say Alvarado "is a UFO."