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Thread: American Scientist Ronald Breslow Admits Reptilians Humanoids Exist

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    Re: American scientist admits Reptilians humanoids exist

    I believe David Ike also says that the reptilians that are suppressing us on this planet came from a different star system entirely. Who knows I could be lie they are probably just dinosaurs!
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    Re: American Scientist Ronald Breslow Admits Reptilians Humanoids Exist

    The latest ancient aliens called aliens and dinosaurs they talks about where the dinosaurs might have gone to. They didn't really touch on their intelligence, they seem to avoid this topic. But that did say they believe the dinosaurs will most likely wiped out by aliens and not an asteroid impact. They also said that there's an abundance of evidence to prove that dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side. Their evidence to back this up, was depictions of dinosaurs on ancient buildings and ruins, even on rock carvings, as well as dinosaur footprints and human footprints side-by-side in the same layer of rock sediment. They didn't touch on humanoid type reptilians either.
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