Here are 3 comments that the video poster made that caught mt attention:

Comment 1:
The area north of where this interviewer is talking about is where I've explored in Southern Venezuela, it's a canyon area 10x the size of the Grand Canyon that has never been explored to any degree and is all highland jungle.
I won't tell you what I've seen there because, none of you would believe me. This region has been unchanged since the dawn of time. There are no roads or "outsiders" for many hundreds of miles.

There are massive hidden ancient stone cities buried in 300 ft trees.
Comment 2:
Tesla et al, did not create the city. It's ancient and alien. It's millions of years advanced over our military NWO. They know it's there and can do nothing about it.

The world will soon know about a Space Federation of humans and supportive aliens that are here to re-balance the planet.
The NWO will soon be destroyed but, not yet. You all must realize that this is all about spiritual growth and humanity must go thru great suffering to learn and evolve..
Comment 3:
Colorado and Venezuela will now play very important roles "covertly" in what is now unfolding. The global HQ for the NWO will be at Colo. Springs and Denver.

Colorado will also be a secondary HQ for warriors of Divine Light globally as well.

The middle east is for starting WWIII.

Colorado and Venezuela is for starting WWIIII and the end of the NWO.

There will be a sneak nuclear attack on the USA led by a group within NORTHCOM and the Mossad just before WWIIII it will be 98% destroyed.