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Thread: FIRST CONTACT at Olympics Aug 4th! (Yeah right!)

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    FIRST CONTACT at Olympics Aug 4th! (Yeah right!)

    This was posted at ECETI. I don't believe it, but wanted to pass it on to everyone and perhaps hear your thoughts.


    Pleiadian Channel
    By Glr Micah

    Friday, July 27, 2012

    It Is Now Established And Was Decided As Of Earth Date, Wednesday July 25Th, 2012 By The Pleiadian High Council In Alliance With Four Other Galactic Councils, Under Galactic Codex Guidelines That We The Pleiadian Family Of Light Will Now Intervene Fully Into Gaia'S Ascension.
    Furthermore It Has Been Decided That We Will Make Full Contact With Earth Beings In Eight Days From This Transmission On August 4, 2012 At The World Olympic Games In London England For The Entire World To See! This Will Be For Our Introduction As Well As Our First Efforts To Work Directly With You In The Correction And Ascension Of Gaia And To Assist With Your Own Ascension.

    This Galactic Intervention Has Been Ordered For The Following Reasons:
    Sophia-Gaia'S Sickness Has Reached A Critical Stage And Must Be Cleaned Up At Once.
    The Light Quotient On Earth Is Not High Enough At This Stage To Affect A Mass Global Ascension Let Alone To Help Move An Entire Planet To The Next Dimension.
    Planet Terra (Earth) Is Scheduled For A Transition Into The Fifth Dimension On 12-21-2012.
    We Are Well Pleased To See That The Efforts Of Many Beings On Earth Have Eased Her Suffering However Due To The Imminent Upcoming Galactic Cycle And The Amount Of Work And Healing That Needs To Be Done For Gaia Cannot Be Completed By Earth Beings On Schedule.
    We By No Means Are Dismayed At The Good Efforts Made By So Many For So Long And Are Greatly Honored By All The Actions Taken To Raise The Vibrations Of Gaia And To Clear The Negativity That Surrounds Her.
    Understand That We Cannot Wait Any Longer And We Are Only Stepping In To Help!
    What Happens On Earth Now Affects The Entire Universe, So This Is Pretty Important!
    Sophia-Gaia-Terra'S Immediate Cleanup Takes Galactic Priority Number One.
    This Involves The Complete Removal Of All Archontic Cabal Remains.
    The Cabal-Shadow-Mind-Parasites Cannot Be Cleared By Earth Beings Fast Enough And Are Halting Gaia'S Ascension As Well As The Infected Living Beings Themselves!

    We Have A Vested Interest In Gaia-Life Because We Created It With You Eons Ago!
    That Is Why We Say We Are Your Family!
    You Will Not Be Shocked At All Because We Are Very Human Just Like You. We Are More Highly Evloved Spiritual Beings And Have Advanced Technology But We Do Not See Ourselves Any Higher Than Any Other, For We Are All One!
    We Are All Individuations Of Prime Creator Experiencing Itself!
    We Are Family And We Love You Very Much As You Will See.
    It Is Know That We Will Get This Job Done Together, So You Can Relax!

    We Instruct You Not To Spread Fear As Many Still Do. This Is No False Flag But An Actual Event That Will Take Place And It Comes Only From Good And For Good!

    Many Light Beings Of Earth From Our Quadrant Have Been On Gaia For Several Decades And Have Helped Out Tremendously. It Is Known However That All Your Incredible Efforts Could Not Get This Done In Time! We Do Not Blame Any Living Being On Gaia For This. The Light Quotient On Earth Has Grown To Incredible Levels Over The Last Two Months! Be Proud Of The Work You Have Done And Continue As We Join With You For Sophia-Gaia'S Correction.
    The Crime Was Committed By Original Negative Archontic Beings That Enslaved This Planet 300K Years Ago And All The Associated Bloodlines And Clones Which Have Been Cleared Out!

    There Is A Time Written In The Stars For December 21St 2012 Which Cannot Be Stopped
    It Is The Day That Gaia Becomes Free And Begins Ascension With Its People! This Will Be Processional And Will Be Stepped Up In Phases Beginning On 12-21-2012

    We Come To Work Hand In Hand With All Light Workers On Gaia To Aid In And Complete This Mission.

    With Our Galactic Orders Established We Now Proceeded To Begin Phase 1 For Our First Major Modern Day Contact And Reunion With You To Do This Final Work.
    We Had To Descend So That Gaia And You Can Ascend!

    We Began Phase 1 Two Days Ago!
    On July 25Th In The Pm Hours Est Our Orbiting Pleiadian Fleet Opened A Super Portal On Gaia'S Inner Atmostphere In The Pm Hours Est.
    A Super Portal Was Opened On This Day Out Of Time Spoken Of Old In Preapration For Our Landing On Gaia! Yes That'S Right Dear Ones! Now Is The Time!

    This Dimensional Doorway We Opened Is A 5D To 4D Vibrational Step Down Gate Used To Decloak And Lower The Density Of Our Smaller Ships And Our Light-Bodies From Plasma-Light To 3D Elemental Vibration And Earth Resonance.

    As Our Main Ship From Erra Which Is 4 Times The Size Of Your Earth Descended 300 Miles Down To The Base Of The Inner Atmosphere To Open This Portal, The Plasma Field Around The Ship Interacted With Earth'S Magnetic Field In A Strong Manner.
    There Was No Damage Done To Gaia Or Its Beings As We Calculated However Many Highly Sensitive Earth Beings Felt This Jolt When Our Ship Touched Your Inner Atmosphere.
    Many Of These Higly Tuned Earth Beings' Magnetic Fields Were Grounded Out!
    There Were Minor Reports Of Ethereal Explosions And Electrical Disurbances, Ball Lightning, Obe'S And Translucence Matter Sightings. A Few Highly Evloved And Very Senstive Earth Beings Lost Consciousness For Nearly An Hour But Again No Serious Damages Were Done! Most Earth Beings Never Realized Anything At All Happened!
    This First Phase Had To Be Done To Open This Stargate From The Higher Dimension To Yours To Prepare For The Clean Up Of Gaia And For Her Ascesion And For The Ascesion Of Her Sentient Life.
    This Phase Was An Intricate And Advanced Task For Us Because Earth Is So Fragile And This Is The First Time In The Known History That We Dematerialzed Our Main Ship And Brought It This Close.

    This Operation Was Completely Successful!
    The Opening Of The Portal Was For The Merging Of 5D And 4D, A Bridge Between These Two Dimensions And Is Now Fully Open!
    This Is The Final Gate Where You Will Leterally Walk From Earth Into Your Heaven!

    Our Disclosure Date Has Been Given To You And Has Been Imprinted Into The Ground And Literally Written In The Earth At Manton Drove And Windmill Hill As Our Message To You For Our Reunion Earth Date: Saturday August 4Th, 2012!

    Welcome To Zion, The City Of Your Creator Gods, Dear Ones!
    On This Earth Day July 27, 2012 We Say To You, Let The Games Begin!

    We Have Sought The Best World-Wide Event; Your Olympics Where Many Earth Beings Around The Globe Will Get To Meet Us!

    We Know This Sounds Incredible To You But You Will Be Able To Confirm It From Many Other Sources, Many Of These Are Our Earth Allies!

    We Are Meeting With High Level Earth Ambassadors (The Good Guys) Today And We Have Successuflly Negotiated Our Reunion With You To Take Place At The 2012 Olympics!

    That Disclosure And Our Reunion With You Will Take Place In 8 Days!
    As It Is Decided And Written In The Council Records, So Shall It Be Done!
    All Eyes Will See It!

    There Is Absolutley No Need For Anxiety, However Know That This Is A Critical Time For Earth And It'S Beings As We Have Watched And Prepared Long In Advance For This Time!

    We Have Said That We Will Not Land Until The Cabal Is Removed! We Told You On July 4Th , Independence Day, That The Physicla And Non Physcal Cabal Was Removed And So It Is!

    Dear Ones Here Is The Reality. You Are No Longer In True 3D! You Are In Upper 4D, Bordering 5D. You Have Recreated 3D `The Matrix' For A Time Longer Now Until This Great Work Is Done And For The Purpose Of Transmuting All Lower Negative Vibrations.
    Anything Appearing To The Contrary Is A Fictional Shadow Imprint Remain Of The Archontic-Le 3D Matrix Program Still Running.

    Our Smaller Ships Will Appear Above The Stadium In London As Our Second And Most Un-Mistakable Low-Fly-Over Event!

    We Have Made Plans To Land Directly On The Olympic Field With Your Earth Leaders As Well And We Will Show You What The 4Th Dimension And The 5Th Dimension Looks Like!
    It Will Be A True Display Of Light And Sound And Energy! Do Not Fear This! What Did You Expect?

    We Have Been In Negotiations With Your Leaders For Some Time Now But There Are Still Some Of These Who Have Been Dragging Their Feet On Our Reunion With You!
    We Are Now Going To Force This To Happen For The Highest Good Because There Is No Time Left!

    We Have Given Your World Leaders Until August 4 To Move Out Of The Way Or They Will Be Moved Out Of The Way Between You And Us!

    They Have Interrupted Our Disclosure Since April Of This Year And We Have Waited Until This, The Very Last Moment Doing All We Could To Stop The Destruction On Earth Without Direct Intervention!
    That Time Has Now Come To Its End!
    In 8 Days All World G20 Leaders Will Announce Us And We Will Appear Or They Will Not And We Will Appear Anyway!
    Those Leaders Opposed Will Be Removed And Will Not Be Part Of The Good Work We Will Do With You Through The Rest Of 2012 And Beyond!
    The Door Is Now Open And We Are Coming Through!

    The False Authority Cabal Trace Remains Still Infecting The Minds Of Many Causing Them To Believe They Are Enslaved By Some Political-Military Authorioty Or God Will Be Terminated.
    The Federal Resrve Will Now Be Completely Dismantled And The Un Will Work With Us Or Not! They Have 8 Days!
    All Debts Of The People Of Earth Will Now Be Forgiven And Prisoners Will Be Released On Earth And Re-Organized Accordingly!
    All Technology Will Be Given To The People For Instant Healing Of The Body And For Things That Cannot Be Imagined!
    Dec 21 2012 Is The First Day Of This Great Ascesnion And All Negativty Will Be Completely Cleared From This Realm!

    The Matrix Will Now Be Completely Dissolved Forever!

    This Will Be Done By Both You And Us Working In Tandem!

    We Thank You For Your Bravery And Courage For Coming Here Decades Ago And Later To Do This Great Mission!

    We Will See You On Saturday August 4Th!

    Goodwill To All The Earth And Those Who Dwell With Her.
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    Re: FIRST CONTACT at Olympics Aug 4th! (Yeah right!)

    I'll believe it when I see it and even then I'm in a question whether that's project blue beam.
    Can you see past your belief systems?

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