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Thread: gray (the Grays) Part 1-2

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    gray (the Grays) Part 1-2

    gray (the Grays)
    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Following the call "Change the World" which we recently published, we, for those who are ignorant of the hazards hidden among our residents, a book open on one of the most alien races described the Grays. This article is a combination of Internet publications and own knowledge / disclosure.

    Edmund Meadows: "I've never seen a flying saucer, nor am I ever abducted. Maybe I'm too afraid of them. Since they were not to me, I decided an available 'window' in order for them to go. The notes are somewhat fragmented, with roosters feet, but if you would like to dwell on the accuracy you get lost. "Remote Viewing" is by the KGB and CIA during the Cold War developed technology. "This term means over time / space look. It compares with a reading at Alpha level, but without the consent of the other ... Arjuna

    You have a paranormal gifted liaison officer is required, and different geographic coordinates, where his awareness out to vote, to describe what he observes. A useful method of gathering information, if you do not 'tourists' (jargon for a spy) to the site can send.

    The findings of a person are not counted, and would be dismissed as science fiction, but when two others to the same conclusions, the only interesting. The method was used to hostility to locate, in our case hostility of a technical nature ...

    In some respects, the Grays a young race, in other respects, however, they are very old. The surface of their planet is dominated by vast oceans, now and then an island or a continent that at most a few millions of years will voorat weather disappears under the waves. Their planet is not favorable for life on land, that certain advantages. Your enemies can already see greater distance and also you ite in your own waste / sewage around swimming!

    Therefore developed Grays intelligence before the water came. Yet they still genetic material too short. Genetic material is only suitable for life in water is lost, and the genetic variety of life on land is not widely stocked. They have adapted quickly to new dry land to find, if possible in the mind. They also have floating cities.

    If they were going swimming, it is quite conceivable that they would be eaten by their (not yet mutated life on land) for parents. For the Grays, the oceans on Earth, in Heaven for us to be. You can bring nothing but admiration for the enormous steps (evolution leaps) they, in a relatively short time have made.

    It still seems so that they lay eggs, although this probably will change, because an egg needs more time to develop within the female. There are ten times as many men as women, and women are larger and coarser built. Men, if they succeed, their testicles to the women who for the rest of their lives are fertilized. The men wear their testicles in the form of bumps or horns on their forehead, which (in our eyes) seems a crazy place. After issuing his testicles men die in a state of religious ecstasy.

    Since they have left the water, the men learned the gender community to which their societies have changed from a matriarchaat in a male-dominated society.

    This also implies that men most of the work to perform. They do not mind dying after the sexual union, as they are a very violent world. Men should be able to boast of great deeds, or whether any particular genetic characteristic.

    Genetic breeding plans (breeding) and genetic science will be extended by the Grays, with the result (clones are identical in all respects) that there is not much variation is greater. Men after sexual intercourse can be kept alive by drugs and programmed implants, but intelligent zombies as a result of

    bio-androids that large degeneration subject. It seems that living men and women on Earth have never seen the zombie men.

    Only these zombies are able to survive long space voyages, but they seem no longer their original race. You could say that a zombie Gray his spirit or soul is lost. That makes them hypersensitive to human emotions. (We have already stated that entities are dealing with our fears feed)

    Their psychology is different than that of humans. The elements air, fire and earth seem to agree, but the element of water is very different. Water refers to the 'pecking order' in their biology. It is a very rational variety. Their digestion -- and secretion system is also very strange.

    "I found me (Remote Viewing) in the body of a Gray Saturday at the toilet ... There was a notch in the region of the anus, and a tamper fold of the front. I discovered the reason for the mess fold 'when I was vomiting. Apparently free from pollution and excess water (urine) and indigestible material in the vomit. They were completely carnivores, and plant matter used only as an unwelcome medicine. "

    They consider everything that eats plants as edible livestock. Let us hope that the man they see as chronic melancholy carnivores ...

    "I also had experience as a pilot on one of their space ships, but because I could not tie ropes to all control panels, I had to do to leave the body where I Saturday The head scientist had said that no matter where it travels faster than light and therefore do not hit it. This flight test proved just wrong. Gray is also a travel faster than light is a very painful experience. The details in the last two paragraphs on the toilet and the spacecraft came (Remote Viewing) within a time frame of five minutes, and were eliminated in real time through. Ask for a no circumstances Gray home for dinner. They are known to host the complete hysteria deliver their habits, and probably also the host. "
    Attached Images Attached Images gray (the Grays) Part 1-2-alien-jpg 
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: gray (the Grays) Part 1-2

    Part 2

    Remote Viewing, Psychic Self-defence, Remote Psychotherapy A website with information that the government (American) will not spread like ...

    We take you further along on research into the Grays, as the most written material on extraterrestrial life forms on the Grays seem to go, and the Zeta Reticuli variant ...

    Reports of individuals with the Grays have been in contact have different opinions about their intentions. This ranges from friendly creatures here for us at evolutiepad lead to cruel invaders who want to take over the earth.

    One thing is certain, most people who have had contact with Gray are convinced that they really abduct people regularly. This happens when eggs and human seeds to steal a Gray / human hybrid creation.

    The Grays are the alien species presumed to be in July 1947 in the crash of Roswell, New Mexico were involved. There is also a widespread rumor among scientists that the Grays our skies were penetrated with the knowledge of the U.S. government. There was an agreement that they hardware supplies in the form of advanced technology, and that such knowledge would be compensated with the provision of 'software' in the form of human genes / creatures.

    There is a scheme in which they are classified:

    Alien species : Grays

    Also known as : Visitors / Reticulanen

    Length : 1m. to 1.80m.

    Weight : 32 to 45 pounds (estimated weight)

    Eyes : Large, oval, black.

    Her : No

    Skin : Gray, rough surface.

    Gender : No sight ones reproductive organs. Probably cloning.

    Communications : Telepathic.

    Origin / Location : Zeta Reticuli: galaxy in the constellation Orion

    Notable features : Slop work fold for the mouth.

    Nose and ears identification points.

    Long hands with four fingers.

    Lean body.

    Relatively large head compared to body.

    Gray subras / type A:

    This is the most typed Gray type race. They are also known as Zeta Reticuli star named after their (the Bernard star) near the Orion system. Their culture is placed in an apparent militant read, with a rigid social structure of science and technology "or concept of worlds major priority. On average they are about 1.35 m. long, with large heads and black 'to the curved face' eyes. They have little facial features, a thin mouth and almost no nose. Think of a lizard, you have a good picture, Arjuna.

    Their extensive technology in cloning are so evolved (or deformed) that they have no sexual or digestive organs need. Their genetics are partly based on the genetics of insects. Their science consists largely from the study of other life forms and genetic manipulations. It assumes that they played a role in the adaptation / modification of human genes in a distant past. It seems that they seek for their brood to intersect with human genes so as to obtain a varietal that is better than the two original races. You can now ask where Hitler has his ideas, to create an ... Arjuna

    We have read that they are a dying species, and in each subsequent generation clone the species further. The program mix is their hope for a stronger and a whole new type of hybrids. This was in the Anglo Views of 2002 to 2003 even published. There seem two main social classes are. One class are the 'hawks', a crusty, raw and numb people. The Pigeons are more sophisticated and better equipped for business people to go, they prefer diplomatic behavior to control humanity. This type of Gray is also called the Orange class named ... pigeons and hawks are terms from the American police. Arjuna

    They seem, according to human standards, not emotion is. That is why they are perceived as cruel in their dealings with, or treatment of people. They are able to kill people without any respect for the person. It is assumed that certain substances of the human body, and consequently, in human eyes, as' cannibals'.

    These Grays are described as servants for a terrace of most reptile-like aliens who try to Earth to prepare for the arrival of these reptiles in many areas by the Earth and humanity under control. They tend to look in the sense of freedom that, far from their masters, the Earth experienced. They would want the help of people in the confrontation with the reptiles, for their appearance in the near future ... The best-known bases of the Grays are in New Mexico and Nevada, but it is known that there are bases in many countries around the world.

    Gray subras / type B:

    Great Grays of Orion, are on average about 2.10 to 2.40m. long. Reports on where they tend to overstate their length: 2.70 to 3.60m. Their faces resemble that of type A Grays, with the exception of their big nose. Grays have these technologies before us are amazing. They tend to power through political arrangements and power on Earth. Their main base appearance at the Aleutian located a group of islands in the Bering Sea south of southwest Alaska.

    Gray subras / type C:

    The smallest type of Grays with a length of just 1m. They are very similar to the Zeta Reticuli and strains of the same off wortelras They are humans just as hostile as the Zeta's. They come from a galaxy near the shoulder of Orion, that Bellatrax mentioned.

    Then there are of course still Reptiles: reptile-like aliens. They are two-creatures with a length of 1.80m to 2.40m, with a flake green skin. Their large eyes are usually yellow or gold to a vertical pupil, like cats. It is interesting to note that these entities now represent what could become dinosaurs if they had lived.

    They are sometimes associated with myths from Samaria , the Dracon and other ancient astronauts who came to Earth to conquer it. It assumes that the high-tech cultures, which we consider to be hostile because they experienced the man regarded as an inferior race. They consider us as we experienced a herd of cows.

    The latter is still not surprising when we consider that the majority of humanity the collective consciousness (see herd behavior) to prefer ignorance over research, let alone self-reflection ...

    Loved ones, help them to awaken from the dream that is called Life!

    For the Masters of the White Way,

    Arjuna ©

    Source: hetnet.nl
    Attached Images Attached Images gray (the Grays) Part 1-2-greys-jpg 
    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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