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Thread: Fake or genuine - UFO Moon - Mainstream Newspaper in England

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    Fake or genuine - UFO Moon - Mainstream Newspaper in England

    An encounter on the dark side of the moon: 'UFO' spotted soaring above lunar surface in online video Mysterious object recorded zipping about against the backdrop of the moon Is it a bird? A plane? or something altogether more unfathomable

    Youtube users argue over the authenticity of the 'alien craft'

    By Sam Webb

    PUBLISHED:16 January 2013

    Is 2013 the year we finally make contact with our brothers from beyond the stars? One Youtube user certainly seems to think it's a possibility.

    The user, danchek2013, has uploaded a video he claims shows footage of at at least one mysterious object zipping about over the surface of the moon.

    One of the 'craft' emerges from the shadowy landscape of the moon's surface and then seemingly accelerates over the craters, before changing direction at breakneck speed and heading towards the bottom of the screen.

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    Re: Fake or genuine - UFO Moon - Mainstream Newspaper in England

    Good find, Youtube certainly does have some interesting tricks of photography etc, sometimes it's hard to tell which is real and which isn't. I do believe that we aren't the only ones in the Universe, extremely arrogant for those who don't question. But why would they visit a planet where it has creatures on it that are involved in one war or just perpatrating acts of cruelty on each other?

    If I possessed the kind of technology that they do, I would prefer to visit a much more enligntened planet, but that's just me I suppose.
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