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Thread: THREE Crashes?

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    THREE Crashes?

    It has been brought to my attention that there were possibly THREE crashes during the time element around the famous Rosewell " crash" and the question has come up.... was there perhaps a technology existing at the time that was able to " bring down" these various crafts.... and if so.... and it is OURs.... why is it still hidden from us?

    This is one blog that asks some interesting questions

    HONK IF YOU KNOW TOWNSEND: Prescott and Williams

    Harry Drew presents convincing evidence for the 1953 Kingman UFO crash and retrieval story. After talking to locals, scouring for crash sites, and reading newspapers from nearby towns. he concludes that there were actually three crashes and/or controlled landings within a few days time and within close range of each other.

    This information is relatively new for me but I can't help feeling that there were probably things intentionally left out of reports from the years involved and a more careful search in that direction might be worthwhile.


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    Re: THREE Crashes?

    More about Harry Drew here and it strikes me that he is just the kind of careful historical researcher that is needed now.

    About Harry Drew

    Harry Drew, who resides in Arizona, is highly
    regarded for his professional ethic and trusted
    results as a professional investigative researcher.
    He is a former Director and Curator of Museums
    of History, Anthropology and Archeology,a
    Cultural Resource Specialist, newspaper
    columnist, and author of history for the past 40 years.

    Drew is an experienced documentarian with expertise in visual
    media, photography, television and film production since 1972.

    Drew’s current works on history include “Terminal Approach™-

    The Kingman UFO Crashes“© which reveals details about his

    astonishing discoveries from six years of professional

    research and field work about the 1953 Kingman UFO crashes."

    Just the man to walk and talk with I think. Linda

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    Re: THREE Crashes?

    This might be interesting too...

    New details emerge supporting Kingman UFO crash

    I went to this site by simply Googling William Steinman and Kingman. I did that because I remembered reading a letter sent to my Dad by that person... ( I still have it in my files)....I was in Dads study when he opened and read the letter.... He sort of sighed and shook his head and when he noticed that I was watching him he said..... " He would get so much further if he was just more professional". He handed me the letter which was written in pencil.....in an uneven hand.... and on lined paper. I thought that it was something my daughter might have written......But it was Bill Steinman who introduced himself as a " researcher" investigating the " Kingman crash of a UFO"....eventually he worked around in a very prosecutorial style to accuse my Dad of being the head of a team that had recovered the craft and secretively taken it away.... ( he supposed... to Wright Patterson)...

    And when Dad noticed that I was intent on reading that letter he said. "Save it. It might be interesting to you someday."

    And so I have.


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    Re: THREE Crashes?

    Apparently there were all kinds of crashes... some earlier than Roswells 1947 crash and some later.... in each case suddenly there seemed to be a team that showed up to wisk away all traces of the downed " thing"... whatever it really was..... so..... How did they know to get there so quickly?

    I was always fascinated by the little bit of information on the Aztec crash that there was a party of " geologists" from the University of Pa who " happened" to be on the site when the Army showed up to investigate it...(as told by William Moore).. and it rings in my mind the expression on the face of the Professor at the University when we visited in 1964.... "Oh Dr. Brown!" he said with such obvious hero worship...." If I had only known that you were coming! I could have scheduled so much more to show you! Oh what an honor it is to have you here sir!"..... My mother said that the man was so busy " kowtowing" to my Dad that he could hardly walk..... and I have never known exactly why Dads presence there elicited that kind of response.

    But recently I have been encouraged to " look beneath the surface" at the things that are " in plain sight".... and " connect the dots" that are presented to me by my own memory and the recollections of others. If I can just get enough dots in the same area perhaps the pattern which was always there will become visible. Linda

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    Re: THREE Crashes?

    And whatever happened in 1953 was of major importance to my Dad..... In a letter to Mom he wrote.....that " Williams and Prescott" would be there soon and that whatever he was doing was more important than anything that had come before..... Jan Lofton has the exact quote from that letter so I am paraphrasing it here..... but I am finding all of this coming together in the strangest of ways....


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    Re: THREE Crashes?

    I'm looking into this linda,but have not found nothing...still looking.

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